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We Take The Hassle Out of Your Journey!

We understand your fears and frustrations. We have been there and experienced it upfront! It is not an easy journey without the proper guidance. We will work with you in every step of the process to make your journey worthwhile.

GammaShift, is a locally owned small business that helps coffee shop owners & new entrepreneurs/coffee shop owners concentrate on what is valuable to them to become more successful in setting up and/or running their coffee shop without struggling and wasting time on unnecessary details.

As a previous coffee shop owner for approximately 10 years, I understand your pains and frustrations. I can offer you lots of value based on my experience and help you in your journey of running your coffee shop efficiently and to make best use of your time.

I am on a mission to help you to become successful in your journey. I want you to concentrate on what is valuable to you, and to your business and to avoid the very same mistakes I made when I started my first coffee and chocolate shop.

I will help you shift your mindset and to be more focused on what matters to you, and at the same time waste less energy and money in the process. We will go on a journey that is enjoyable yet at the same time valuable in terms of returns and knowledge that can be applied in a stress free environment.

Are you ready to come join me on this journey and run a successful coffee shop business?

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Our Services

Whether you are looking to setup your first coffee shop or have your event managed without the hassle, you came to the right place. Check out our services below and connect with us.

coffee business consulting services

Coffee Business Consulting Services

Need help setting up and running your coffee shop? Check out how we can help you!

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event management

Events Management

Need help with your special event? Do not know where to start or what to do? Look no further, we will manage it for your!

Paintings Sales & Commissioning

Looking to spice up your empty walls & space? Well we got you covered. Do not fuss about it!

Food & Beverage Brokerage

Looking to sell your product internationally BUT do not know how or where to start? We will get you connected.

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